03/26/14 Thank you Homespun Magazine

Homespun-MagazineI was a little giddy when I opened the February issue of Homespun Magazine and found a whole page dedicated to my needle-felted mushrooms. Wow - the printed image is way bigger that the actual mushrooms! I’m so grateful so the kind folks at Homespun for featuring Curly Birds and writing such nice things about me.

And thank you to my bloggy friend Ros from Sew Delicious for sending me a hard copy of the magazine all the way from Australia! I really appreciate being able to keep a copy of this lovely article.



Here is the original craft


I’m working on a new needle-felted tute of a sweet little bunny and I hope to share it with you. And I will be reviewing a brand-new needle felting craft book soon.



In the mean time, I’ve put together some mushroom inspiration from around the web… You can follow along with all kinds of fun felting inspiration herehere, and here.


1. Needle-Felted Mushrooms  |  2. Woodland Mushroom  |  3. Mushroom Hat  |  4. Tiny Mushrooms  |  5. Zipper Purse  |  6. Fabric Mushroom  |  7. Toadstool Cake Topper  |  8. Mister Finch


Happy Making!


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  1. oh this is just too much precious!!!! love it all! and OF COURSE your work was featured, it’s brilliant and amazing and should be shared far and wide :)

  2. Ros says:

    It was my pleasure!! They are so gorgeous :)

  3. Melissa Q. says:

    These are so lovely, totally remind me of childhood moments in the woods looking for gnomes and mushrooms.

  4. stacy says:

    This is straight up amazing Helen!! Just like you

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