04/29/14 A Simple Boat

Simple BoatA found piece of wood, a morning of rain, a scrap of fabric, and a little bees wax.

A simple boat.

The art of play.

04/28/14 How to Make a Look Alike Scarecrow


Every year Nola and Kira create a garden all of their own. A little space to grow whatever they fancy in whatever order they choose. This year, there will be a tiny look alike scarecrow talking to the tomatoes – probably hanging out with the birds more than scaring them.

This look alike scarecrow is easy to make and kids of any age will love visiting their mini-me.

A look alike scarecrow would also make a great grandparent gift. Imagine a sweet garden with a look alike scarecrow of all the grandkids – grandma might not be able to leave their outside! continue reading…

04/23/14 How to Make a Needle Felted Bunny

Needle Felted Bunny

Easter is over and this little needle felted bunny is off on a new adventure. With her beloved carrot and trusty row boat, imagine all the fun she will have.

Nola and Kira are all about tiny toys and this little needle felted bunny is their new obsession.

continue reading…

04/17/14 How to Make Fancy Easter Eggs – Decoupage

How-make-make-Fancy-Easter-EggsEaster-EggsThat time when the girls were 2 and I made Eric and my parents stay up until 1 AM to decoupage Easter eggs because I wanted my girls to have a pretty, plastic-free, Easter egg hunt?

It was so worth it.

As I put Nola (now 7) to bed the other night, she started crying. Nola was sad that her pretty Easter egg collection had diminished over the years as other kids have joined us in our hunt and have taken the decoupaged eggs home.

“Please Mummy, please make me more pretty eggs.”

This crafty Mumma’s heart melted.

It is worth it to fill my girls’ lives with beauty and handmade loveliness. It really is.


continue reading…

03/26/14 Thank you Homespun Magazine

Homespun-MagazineI was a little giddy when I opened the February issue of Homespun Magazine and found a whole page dedicated to my needle-felted mushrooms. Wow - the printed image is way bigger that the actual mushrooms! I’m so grateful so the kind folks at Homespun for featuring Curly Birds and continue reading…

03/10/14 Crafting Connections

Crafting Connections

Have you seen Explore Sound, a new on-line and print magazine from Crafting Connections? At $15, it is jam packed with art, crafts, science, literature, and more for kids ages 2-7. Explore Sound is Crafting Connections‘ third of five magazines exploring the senses. continue reading…

03/04/14 Winter Days


Happy March!

It has been a balmy winter of sunny picnic days and cold crafty days. And sadly, no real snow. How did we escape the snow? We look forward to light, growth, color, and general spring fever.

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Do you love the winter as much as me?


02/15/14 Postcards from Britain – The Queen

The Queen

Thursday, 25 March, 1975 at RAF Whittering, England.

The Queen was visiting Peterborough Cathedral on Maundy Thursday to continue reading…

02/11/14 Robot Birthday Present with Hama Beads

Robots made with hama beads


The girls and I bought some Hama beads a while ago and we have been waiting for a little free time to have a play. I’ve been seeing these little beads all over the place. And then last weekend a good friend of mine asked us over to do a project with their new supplies – hama beads. So you see, all the cool kids are doing it. continue reading…

01/30/14 A Valentine’s Lunch for Kids

Valentine's LunchHead on over to Spoonful to see my latest post – a Valentine’s Day lunch for kids.

Valentine’s Day is on a Friday this year. As I make the girls’ lunches at 6 am, it has to be something quick and simple that I can make before my first cup of coffee has taken effect. You can see the full post here. 

What are your tips for making yummy lunches without much brain power?


(I took a food photography class at Alt last week taught by Joy and Lindsey and it was fabulous! I was excited to be back home and able put my newly acquired skills to work.  I hope you like the image.)


I’ve been swooning over all these pretty treats… continue reading…

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